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Gennaro's Cucina - SIGNED in person by Gennaro Contaldo

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Product Description

In an age marked by excessive convenience and mounting concerns about disposable food waste, Gennaro’s Cucina emerges as a timely beacon. Discover the art of transforming basic ingredients into inventive culinary creations, embracing a seasonal approach, and optimizing your budget for a richer dining experience.

At the heart of Gennaro’s Cucina is the cherished concept of ‘cucina povera,’ the traditional fare that sustained Italy's impoverished, yet continues to underpin the essence of beloved Italian dishes. It revolves around crafting delicious, hearty meals using readily available and affordable ingredients, fostering a zero-waste mindset that maximizes every component of the ingredient and every penny in your budget.

Gennaro, having grown up in post-war Italy with a limited budget, shares a culinary heritage with countless Italian families. Constrained choices compelled them to appreciate what they had, cook with love, and employ imaginative preservation techniques such as salting, drying, and curing to stretch simple ingredients into satisfying meals.

Within the pages of this inspiring cookbook, Gennaro escorts you through the fundamentals of regional Italian staples, transforming them into exquisite meals. Offering valuable insights into handling leftovers, he empowers home cooks to extract the utmost from the ‘cucina povera’ philosophy, converting modest ingredients into nourishing feasts without compromising on flavor.

From Sicilian chickpea fritters to soul-warming lentil soups and refreshing bread salads, the journey extends to more elaborate creations like stuffed vegetables, delectable 'poor-man's' ricotta dumplings, and straightforward sweet biscotti. Prepare to revolutionize your approach to shopping, cooking, and dining.

**Exclusive Bonus:**
This copy of Gennaro’s Cucina is not just a culinary treasure; it has been personally signed by Gennaro himself on the 9th of December 2023, during a special event at our Boutique in London. Immerse yourself in the authenticity and passion of Gennaro's signature as you explore the pages of this exceptional cookbook.

Explore the following chapters and immerse yourself in the essence of Gennaro’s Cucina:

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